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CGI is a Data Driven Process app development team.

We are very  selective on who and why we develop an app.




In today's world solving a process has become a silo solution. CGI believes in solving the entire process not just a piece of the process. Once you have the overall process you can begin to correctly build an app that will allow integration no matter where you start in your process.


No one wants to build an app soup to nuts from the start. By understanding the entire process you can determine what part of the process is initially required and begin solving that piece of your process.


By knowing the entire process upfront and picking and choosing process sections you can easily determine your ROI on each section of the app as it is integrated, built and deployed. This allows you to really see why, how and when you should implement a certain process to your overall process.



CGI is an old school approach to new school processes.  This has allowed us to maintain applications for years and covert to new application methods and practices without changing your application process.


CGI is currently not taking new development apps.

We do entertain new partnerships for selected industries that we may find interesting.


 Email Us: info@crystalgroupinc.com   |   Tel: 440-708-0519   |   8290 Pine Creek Court Chagrin Falls, OH 44023

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